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Los Angeles, California

Mercier Therapy

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Mercier Therapy

Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or experiencing fertility challenges, our holistic approach can support you in optimizing your fertility. Mercier Therapy is a safe, gentle, and external pelvic visceral manipulation technique designed to restore the health and well-being of the pelvis by addressing scar tissue, adhesions, malalignment or decreased mobility of the pelvic and reproductive structures. Mercier Therapy provides an integrative and comprehensive approach for a variety of pelvic issues for women of all ages.

The goal of Mercier Therapy is to restore mobility and proper blood flow to the pelvic organs which optimizes their function. It can be used as a stand alone therapy at any time. It may also be used as an adjunct to other assisted reproductive technology techniques (ART) such as IUI or IVF.




The Shared Fertility Program

The Shared Journey Fertility Program is much more than bodywork. In addition to the therapy sessions, we will go step by step through all of the facets of restoring and understanding your natural fertility.  From understanding your complete cycle and recognizing the signs of ovulation to what your diet should look like for optimal fertility.  You will have assistance the entire way.  We are in a time where the belief in our bodies as women has been compromised, and we need to reconnect with the deepest possibility within us.  Having a support system in place is crucial for the journey, which can be overwhelming and can induce intense fears within us to rise to the surface and sabotage our efforts.  In the Shared Journey Program I will walk with you through every detail of what will lead to a successful pregnancy, including what supplements you should be taking, going over lab results, scientifically researched nutrition plans, emotional work and support.  The program is tailored to each individual.




Culver City and Santa Monica


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